Germination Kit: Invitation to the launch

In 2022, Germie will release a revolutionary new tool for gardeners and flower, vegetable, and fruit enthusiasts. To register for the free launch, please fill out the form below and submit.

The partners supporting the project

Here is the list of institutional partners who support Germie. You are a seed company, a gardening products retailer, and wish to become a partner? Do not hesitate to reach out by filling out the form at the bottom of the page to contact us!
Germination and transplantation of flowers, vegetables, fruits and trees are two of the most delicate steps.

For all beginners and expert gardeners!

Germie is a range of innovative tools for faster seed germination and easy transplanting of plants. Here are the steps to transform your seeds into plants with our Germie Tool.
Tool assembly

It takes less than a minute to assemble the tool and less than 5 minutes to prepare your seedlings.

Germination & Growth

The plants are ready to be transplanted into the garden in their final destinations between 7 and 35 days after planting depending on the type of seed.

Healthy and vigorous plants

The Germie range of tools allows to obtain long and numerous roots and healthy plants.

Start all flowers, vegetables, fruits, and some trees to seed.

Sprouting seeds : Our business

Germie is available in three sizes S, M, and L.
This new tool reduces the risk of transplant shock and accelerates the germination process.

The features of this tool

Start all flowers, vegetables, fruits, and some trees to seed.
Germinate faster

This tool allows seedlings to germinate quicker.

Economical - seed saving

One seed = one plant: Reduces the need for seeds.

Healthy and vigorous plants

Allow plants to be removed with ease without damaging the roots.


Produces up to 49 plants on an area smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.


Our tool offers a design made of recycled plastic that is able to be reused for several times a season.

Up to 400%

more plants produced thanks to Germie

Depending on the type of seed used, there is no need to thin out the young plants

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Testimony of one of our product testers

GERMIE allowed me to see the magic of nature!

Even though I no longer have a house with a garden, but an apartment with a balcony, what a pleasure to see these thousand and one seeds, no matter how small, grow in an indoor and sunny space. In a very short time, I will say a few days, the plant points the end of its nose. A little watering or spraying every day is all that is needed to keep the soil moist. I ended up taking  pictures… In 2020, my first experiment was to grow nasturtium seeds. The transplant was a success, no plant was lost, and my balcony was blooming all summer long. Total success!

via Instagram

The story of Germie

The passion to transform seeds into plants.

2016 : The first prototype was created.

After developing a passion for ancient seeds and rare varieties in the spring of 2016, Germie's founder attempted to germinate seeds from Peru with traditional tools and methods. The seeds took 3 weeks to germinate in a conventional germination tray. After 6 weeks, the plants were ready to be placed in their final destination. This experience was disastrous, and 50% of the plants were lost following the root removal that damaged too-fragile roots. It was impossible to replant, because was is too late in the season. Following this experience, the first prototype was born.

2020 : We completed the 5th final prototype

Between the creation of the 1st prototype and the 5th version of the prototype released in 2020, thousands of seeds gave birth to plants in all the prototypes that were tested and improved. It was on December 2020 that Idea Reality Ltd delivered the final pre-industrial prototype.

2021 : A range of tools is born

In 2021, the full range of tools were created and tested with several testers. The tools, the project and the research results were presented to the Emergys Bretagne committee, which unanimously gave a 100% positive opinion. Since June 7, 2021, Germie has been an incubated startup for Emergys Bretagne, with the support of the Region of Brittany and the State and in conjunction with public research. 

2022 : Website, Manufacturing & Distribution

The tools range is scheduled to be manufactured by the end of 2022.
We are looking into launching several websites by 2022 :
- A site dedicated to all resellers to ensure they can place orders in a secure professional space.
- A blog providing readers with gardening tips and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are a distributor of Germie products, a private customer or a company with questions about becoming a reseller, here are the most frequently asked questions.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction goal. In order to reach this percentage, we're listening to you and invite you to send a message using the form: Contact our customer service. Whether your problem is related to the product, the delivery, the dealer or distributor, the telephone reception of our company or if you wish to submit an idea or a comment related to your experience, we await your message and will do everything possible to satisfy you.
Is your company a garden tool retailer or seed seller and would like to reference Germie product range? Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you promptly.
The drafting of the patent is currently in progress and no communication, photo or video can be shared before the patent is filed. The filing date is expected in August 2021, so you should be able to discover the tool in September.
The product is scheduled to be launched in 202 We all hope to have the product available in the spring of 2022 to take advantage of the gardening season. To participate in the launch or receive information about selling our line, please fill out the form at the top of the page.
Our tool does not resemble a traditional seed starter kit to start vegetable seeds indoors such as germination kit, kit of germination, sowing trays, mini Greenhouses for sowing or tabletts of peat. You will find out how to plant up to 49 plants in less than 5 minutes in the manual that comes with the product.

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